How to Know When You Have Become a Successful Trader

Successful Trader

Everyone starts their journey in the stock market with a dream to become a successful trader. But it’s difficult to define the word ‘Successful’ in the stock market. Usually, it comes to mind that a trader who is successful will not lose money in any situation of the market.

Some people think that those who have dedication, confidence, focus, and determination can be a successful trader. Of course, these are important to get success in any field. But, is it the real and only parameter on which a successful trader can be measured?

If you want to know that whether you are a successful trader or not, here are some points which will clear your confusion up to maximum extent.

  1. When you don’t panic from losses: Losing money in stock market is very normal for every trader. No matter how experienced you are. But, if you are a successful trader you will have the ability to keep going and to learn from losses. Learning from losses will help you to know that where your strategy should move on. And when you understand to adjust your losses and to cope with your loss-making trades, you are a step forward towards a successful trader.
  2. When you start making your own trading decisions: Making your own trading decision is very important. It reflects your confidence. It shows that how confidently you can make decisions about buy sell and hold. You are responsible for your actions and choices. You must make sure that you are taking any decision on your own, not being influenced by others decision. You have news, company announcements and other sources to get information about a company, but final step will be your own. If you learn this, you will be among successful traders.
  3. When you are proactive, not just reactive: If you are proactive, can make a decision without delay and before making huge losses, you are on the way of a successful trader. You must be able to decide beforehand that which strategy is right for making a quick and right decision.

If you are a successful trader, you will have the ability to control your emotions which is your greatest enemy. The emotion of a trader makes them blind and can take a quick and wrong decision without thinking anything. A successful trader must always follow their strategy and plans to make a logical decision.

  1. If you always try to broaden your learning scope: As you know that learning is a continuous process. So, the same applies in the field of trading as well. If you are a successful trader, you will always try to learn new things. You will not just stick to any particular aspect of trading. You must have an idea to handle any situation in the market. You need to know how different things related to market work together and how it will affect your portfolio. The more you know the more armed you are to handle any situation which arises in the market.
  2. If you are slow in booking profit and fast in taking losses: Always remember that a successful trader never books profit in a hurry. They go through their plans and strategies before taking a step to book profit. In the same way, they don’t wait for taking losses, because they know that waiting can be costly to them and loss may widen more. So, they take losses without waiting too much.
    A beginner always tries to book profit only, and suffer from huge loss. This is because they don’t have a good idea of the market. So, if you are a successful trader you will never do this type of mistake.

The ultimate goal of every trader is to make a profit. But, you should never forget that making money is not the only thing for which we are living. Never spend your whole day in watching screen only. Become a successful trader and live your life fully as well.

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